Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome to the world.... How may I help you?

So, after about 9 months of blogging on my Myspace account, I've finally become sick of nobody (except Myspace users) being able to comment on what I'm writing about. Besides, it's a pretty lame interface and I'd rather be able to do something a little more legit... I do have about 3-5 people reading this thing now you know.

So, in case you don't know me and you are curious about what this blog is all about... This is the place where I log my runs, talk about training and throw out random stuff on occasion.

Here's to finally creating a real blog. So, now nobody can read this thing in the real blogosphere.. not just on Myspace.


Anonymous said...

Thank god, a real blog with a commenting system. Yay!

sbender215 said...

I love it...

If you want to read an awesome blog (not about running though) check out

I know this guy and you'll be addicited to reading this!!!

Eric Gervase said...

Nice... Yeah, it's about time. I just started doing this to log my runs. Now, a couple people actually read this stuff.